Thursday, January 30, 2014


Gnome and Fairies with Tiger Lilies

The moment Mom allowed a fairy into her garden, 
I glimpsed the skulking shadow of a troll.
Before I could even say, "I beg your pardon,”          Take a different path.
It commanded me to pay a toll.

“I just want to sniff the handsome roses,”
I whimpered as I backed away in fright.                     
“I only want to chew your little toeseees”--
A gremlin lunged to take a tiny bite.

I screamed and started flying toward a door
blocked by mocking elves whom I abhor.                     
Swarms of sylphs lifted from the hellebore,
finding hair, ears, and nostrils to explore.

Goblins beat on drums of water                              Find a strange room.
while a gnome cut loose a raucous snore.
The troll jumped on the teeter-totter
and made a phoenix soar.

If Mom won’t make the beasties leave,
I might begin to twitch--                                           
I’m tempted to make them all behave                    
by changing into a witch.