Tuesday, February 2, 2016


(This story has a harp concerto, or is it a harp concerto with a story?)

        While Mommy and Daddy were having a discussion in the kitchen, Claire turned into a fairy and chased her kitty into the back yard. Suddenly a swallowtail appeared in front of her and fluttered out of her reach. It was so bright that Claire tried to grab it right out of the air, but it flitted away. As Claire was chasing the swallowtail, she tripped over the kitty and fell.

        Claire slowly sat up and shook her head. The swallowtail was gone. She got up and pushed the fence as hard as she could. A board suddenly came loose, and Claire squeezed through. She saw the swallowtail in the meadow and dashed after it. Suddenly she noticed three swallowtail fairies in the flowers.

      The fairies danced through the air and Claire chased after them. Suddenly a little old man appeared on a log.
   “You must beware!” he exclaimed. “Fairies are very bad. If you follow them, you will be lost!”

          Claire did not listen to the grumpy old man. She galloped after the fairies through the meadow. A tall fairy with blue wings suddenly appeared in front of her. He took out a wand and waved it over Claire's head, and she lifted off of the ground!